Explore dim, lost Carcosa in my first attempt at using bitsy.

Move with Arrow keys or WASD

Original art and music by me.


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Hi! I am contacting creators/developers on behalf of a graduate researcher studying how Lovecraft is represented in games. If you have time to complete a 10-minute survey about Carcosa, please send a message to: masonsmith [at] tamu [dot] edu.

I re-played this game because when I first played I didn't realize there was music. That definitely adds to the experience! I already wrote a review for the game, and wanted to further say that I found this game fascinating. The idea of using a poem to base the atmosphere and details around is very cool! I really was in awe by that! I hope you know your game is awesome, and I hope to see more of your creative endeavors. :)


Great experience!

The artwork was absolutely gorgeous! The poem really takes life in your clever stage design and eerie visuals.

I was intrigued to find out that Carcosa was used by Robert W. Chambers, as I'm familiar with the Ambrose Bierce story - an Inhabitant of Carcosa.

thank you so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed it. 

I've not read the Bierce story, but will track it down, thanks for informing me of it. 

This is a really beautiful game, I found the patterns in the architecture especially striking.

Also the way the flames are animated really stood out to me, as well as the flags in the final room. Taking the time to make so many different versions while keeping the movements similar enough that they all look like they're being acted on by the same winds was fantastic attention to detail.

The music is a great fit too. Tense, crushing stillness is the atmosphere I always imagine when I picture Carcosa and I think the music really captures that.

thank you! It took a while, not gonna lie there. 

I'm really glad you enjoyed the music as well. 

An elegant trip. Nice.

Thank ye, thank ye!

The art and music was really good if you put the music up for download I would definitely download it


Thanks so much! I am thinking of putting more soundtracky things on here and will definitely include it as part of that. Glad you liked the game and music.